USTA Consultancy and Law Office, which was founded in 2002 in İstanbul by Lawyer Songül Usta, is one of the respectable law offices of Turkey.Our Law Office, since the day of its foundation, with its experienced but at the same time dynamic structure, continues its works with the aim of providing good service by considering the commercial aims and development demands of its clients from various sectors. Our Law Office has a deep rooted law accumulation. In order to solve the legal problems of individuals and institutions, it provides services both within our country and abroad, in the spheres of trade, real estate, capital market law, state tender, business, tax, compensation, migration, private education institutions, discipline law and civil law, in an approach that is based on the basic human rights and freedoms, predicating on the supremacy of law. The focus of our studies that we present to our business partners is law-consultancy services, foreign investments, intellectual property rights, finance and trade law and we work together with experienced consultants that are specialists in their fields, both at home and abroad.Our working principle is to provide  qualified, just, principled and fastactions and solutions that are base on knowledge.