Consultancy and advocacy services on Condominium Ownership Law, beginning from the stage of establishing construction servitude and commonhold ownership, to preparation and implementation of the management plan at every scale including shopping malls and the block buildings in which houses and commercial units exist together and on any problems that may emerge in relation with those issues. 

Provision of consultancy and legal support on all legal issues that stem from labor legistation, preparation of documents concerning work contracts and all other personal rights and training the related departments of companies on this issue.  

Providing consultancy and advocacy services on the issues concerning workmanship rights of employees (severance, notice, etc.), such as compensation, occupational accident, occupational illness, detection of insurance, reemployment, etc. 

Provision of consultancy and advocacy services on the issues of company establishing operations, conduction of their registration and records in government institutions, the operations relating board of shareholders and general meeting, preparation of the main contract and its amendments, unions and takeovers,  the liabilities of the company and of its members of the board of directors stemming from the tax law, commercial contracts and operations, applying to deterrance of bankruptcy and concordatum, as well as implementation of liquidation processes.

All kinds of legal consultancy and advocacy services on intellectual rights and property rights including label, patent, useful model and industrial design and pursuit services for the collusions that may arise for industrial rights in relation with Turkish Patent Institute. 

Advocacy services on material and moral indemnity suits that are brought for compansation of the losses of the sufferers of traffic accidents, the body damages that are caused in consequence of wrongful acts, insults, and all other acts that are contrary to the laws.

Consultancy and advocacy services on the operations of pursuit and collection of all kinds of receivables such as cheques, bonds, rent payments and bills, by means of execution and bankruptcy operations.

Searching the regulations that must be obeyed before public offering and making general evaluation, to make necessary applications to Capital Market Board and Borsa İstanbul Joint Stock Company (BIST) and pursuit of the process, provision of legal consultancy service in the establishment process of real estate investment partnerships, performing all kinds of operations concerning public offering and export of capital market instruments such as stock certificate, bills of exchange, and real estate certificate, preparing registration statements and circulars on public offerings and performing legal due diligence studies

All kinds of consultancy and advocacy services concerning rent law, such as the collusions that stem from rent contract, evacuation, rent price determination, increase of the rent price, determination of the payment place.

Conduction of hypothec and pledge establishing operations, sale, barter, rent, service, marketing, production, publishing, donating, procuration, to conduct operation without procuration, commission, lifelong income and to look after until death, ordinary partnership, and preparation of obligation law agreements such as financial leasing agreements and advocacy services. 

Pursuit of the suits and collusions that are handled in Consumer Arbitrator Councils and at Consumer Courts, bank credit contracts that stem from Consumer Law, provision of all kinds of consultancy and advocacy services concerning dwellings and other durable consumer goods. 

Sale and purchase of real estate, risk management of real estate project, solution of the conflicts concerning real estates, suit and arbitration, mortgage and real estate pledge establishing, preparation of all kinds of construction and constructor (subconstructor) contracts and flat for land and income (revenue) share based contracts. 

Providing all kinds of consulting services on all of the issues that stem from regulations in tourism law and on servitude rights and adequate pay, preparing agreements on handover and transfer of hotels, holiday villages and other touristic facilities, preparing agency and tour operator contracts, preparing hotel rent and sale contracts and operating contracts, conducting administrative applications on documentation of touristic facilities and pursuing those processes, following up the processes that stem from complaints of customers

Providing legal services concerning the disciplinary proceedings of bureaucrats and clerks beginning from the phase of starting the investigation to validity of verdict, to bringing related cancelation and indemnity suits and their pursuits